Presenting oneself

On arrival in an online environment shared between partner institutions, students are asked to create their online profile in order to attract interest from others. They should select an appropriate representative profile picture, write a description of themselves and decide which contact information they are going to share.

Institution reporting the task:

University of Warwick home page

Language of task instructions:


Target Group:




References and acknowledgements:

université blaise pascal, Clermont Ferrand


Information exchange

Estimated Duration:

1 session


introduction, online presence





Language Configurations:

Lingua Franca

Language(s) that the task can be used in:


Dominant language production:

Writing/reading asynchronous

Target Competences:

Online communication skills

Specific pedagogical objectives:

Creation of a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere in the groups

Suggested Communication Tools:

Suggested Resources:

Exsiting teacher profiles, peer support.


This portal is a shared area, containing students both from our own institution and that of our partners. Take time to think about how you want to present yourself in this context and how you will best find the sort of collaborators to improve your language skills.

Learner Texts:

Hello, my name is T** and I&#39 m 20 years old. I am studying Biology in the University Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand, and this year I hope i&#39 ll finish my &quot licence&quot .

Their is many things I like :

  • Rugby
  • Snowboard
  • French Food
  • Beer

Bonjour tout le monde!

Je m&#39 appelle Ella et je suis originaire de Londres mais je vis a Coventry en ce moment et je vais à l&#39 université
de Warwick pour etudier l&#39 histoire.

Aussi bien que l&#39 histoire, j&#39 aime la culture française, les monuments et la nourriture en particulier!

J&#39 aime aller au vacances, les Etats-Unis ou Paris et dans l&#39 avenir je voudrais habiter aux ces pays.

Je vais au cinèma regulièrement et mes films favoris sont: Les choristes, LOL, Lolia malgré moi, Numéro quatre et la Belle et la bête.

J&#39 ai récemment
été engagée pour mon premier
boulot et je suis excitée de commencer! La loi m&#39 interesse et la politique aussi pour ma future carrière.

J&#39 aime faire du ski, la natation et l&#39 equitation parmi d&#39 autres.

Document related to the task:


Criteria for Completion:

All work is completed outside the class, tutors check, give feedback and encourage their students.

Comments and suggestions:

This is a non assessed activity.


Teresa MacKinnon